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HASCO is a comprehensive automotive parts system integration supplier providing advanced technologies, reliable products and high-quality services to major OEMs worldwide for more than 30 years, covering 40+ business fields.

We adhere to the "tier zero, independance, and internationalization" strategy, and actively respond to technological change and ecological reconstruction of the automotive industry by focusing on core business, enhancing R&D capability, promoting intelligent manufacturing, building global brand, meeting customer demand, and creating shareholder value. We strive to become an independent automotive part supplier with the capacity of sustainable development and international influence.

We devote ourselves to providing high-quality products, technologies and services to OEMs through the integrated platforms of chassis and interior & exterior trim by focusing on the theme of "Intelligence" and "Environmental protection" in the automotive industry in terms of intelligence and connectivity, electrification system and lightweight technologies. Regarding intelligence and connectivity, we focus on the R&D of intelligent driving assistance systems, smart cabin, intelligent lighting, infotainment systems and other products. Regarding electrification system, we focus on the R&D and industrialization of e-drive system, drive motor, power electronic box, electric air-conditioning, thermal management system, battery management system, battery tray, electric air-conditioning compressor, electronic steering machine and other products. Regarding lightweight technologies, we actively promote the application of aluminum body, chassis structure parts, TPO tailgate and so on.

We have a complete supply chain with 368 R&D, manufacturing and service bases in mainland china covering 23 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions, and 95 manufacturing (including R&D) bases in the United States, Germany, Thailand, Russia, Australia, the Czech republic, Slovakia, India, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Ireland, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries with more than 120000 employees worldwide who are committed to providing excellent localized R&D and supply services for our customers.

Our History of Development


Improve Our Assessment System and Strengthen the Technology Management.

  • Set up the Key Performance Index(KPI) and operation information system.
  • Establish HASCO TC, and implement “One Plant, One Strategy” principle.
  • Establish HASCO E-drive, and carry out business in the field of NEV electric drive and control.

Focus on Our Core Business and Seek to Strengthen Our Control.

  • Buy out 50% of Yanfeng equity shares from Visteon, realize considerable self-operation business.
  • Initiate R&D of advanced technologies like PEPS and ADAS.
  • Drop out of obsolete business like automotive seals and tractors.

Accelerate Internationalization and Optimize Business Architecture.

  • Integrate Johnson Controls global interiors business, become the world-wide largest.
  • Acquire all equity shares from Koito, form HASCO Vision.
  • Establish YF Safety, conduct safety business independently in the globe.
Direct Investing Companies

Direct Investing Companies

Shanghai Sandmann Foundry Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Union Automobile Components Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Xingfu Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
Huayu Automotive Systems Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Sanden Huayu Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Automotive Brake Systems Co.,Ltd.
Continental Brake systems (shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Continental Huayu Brake Systems (Chongqing) Co., Ltd
HASCO - CP Co., Ltd.
Huayu Automotive Electric Drive System Co., Ltd
HASCO KSPG Nonferrous Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Valeo Automotive Electrical Systems Co.,Ltd.
Kolbenschmidt Huayu Piston Co., Ltd.
HASCO Powertrain Components Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Federal-Mogul Shanghai Bearing Co., Ltd.
Federal-Mogul Shanghai Compound Material Co., Ltd.
HASCO Magna Electric Drive System Co., Ltd
Shanghai Cosmopolitan Automobile Accessory Co.,Ltd